A non-photorealistic hair plugin for Maya

Kami (髪 meaning hair in Japanese) is a hair modeling plugin for Maya designed to create cartoon/anime-looking hair or hair cards for use with video game characters. It’s designed to be super-easy to use and generates ultra-clean meshes with the correct UVs and normals with no hassle and with full artistic control.

The goal is not to replace hair solutions such as Shave and Haircut since the hair strands are usually controlled on an individual basis and the result is a mesh, which renders on virtually all rendering solutions, including Arnold, Redshift, Vray…

One of its strong points is its optimization capabilities, making it an excellent tool for exporting to Unity or Unreal.

Kami was developed using C++ programming language and incorporates multi-threading to guarantee optimum speed and dependability.

Download “Kami for Maya”

kamiSetup_v1.zip – Downloaded 6454 times – 1.90 MB