Mandala (stable diffusion for Maya)

Please follow the instructions on this guide carefully:

Update: V1.21

Python packages are now frozen
Cleaned up the menus

Update: V1.20

Faster painting
Bug fixes
Ability to generate images in batches (2,4 or 8) using random seeds

Update: V1.17

New camera mapping system! works much better than previously.

Update: V1.16

Lots of bug fixes
Revamped UI
Image editing functions
Magic AI eraser brush function
All modes now working
… and LOTS of new stuff.

Update: V1.13 Alpha

The create 3D models function, using depth maps and Alpha, is now fully working! Perfect for animation, or 2.5D. NERF, full-3D models in one of the next updates!
A few minor bug-fixes and UI improvements.
New menu functions: Create Alpha/Depth, Normals and Enhance Faces.
Attributes have been renamed and reorganized. The face enhancer has been moved out of the Upscaler pipeline.

Update: V1.12 Alpha

Added a “create 3D model” function. This is a WIP. Right now, it just creates an alpha-cut model.

Update: V1.11 Alpha

Fixed a bug when saving images with an alpha channel. The alpha is also taken into account when creating textures or image planes.
Fixed a bug with LORA weights not patching correctly on torch 2.0

Update: V1.1 Alpha

Can now render with an Alpha channel! Using Dichotomous Image Segmentation (DIS), or the RGBA pass’ alpha when using ControlNet or Depth2Img.

V1.0 Alpha

Initial release

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Kami (cartoon hair plugin)

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